The easy way to shop tax free in Greece and save money.

When you are in Greece you will pay in most cases a sales tax on most goods you buy, which is already included in the sales price. As a non EU resident you are entitled to reclaim this VAT on items purchased here and taken home with you.

For further information on PREMIER Tax Free Shopping in Greece call:
+30 210 6749 481

1. Go Shopping and request your Tax Free form
Visit our Brands page to find eligible stores and plan your shopping itinerary.

2. Customs Approval
Customs approval must be obtained at the last country exit point.
Prior to check in at the airport present your fully completed Tax Free form together with your travel documents and purchased goods to Customs to obtain
Customs approval.

3. Return your Tax Free form
Return your Tax Free form fully completed, Customs approved Tax Free form with your refund credit card details to Premier Tax Free using the envelope
provided. You have up to 3 months from the date of purchase to retrieve your refund.