From a status symbol to a “must-have” item, fur has conquered a center stage position in a modern wardrobe. Following tradition, we still rely on our own exclusive designs to produce magnificent fur garments that create many different appearances.
Our products are unique because we design each one separately and tailor it in our own workshop. With each garment we aim for individuality.

We create all of our handmade garments by selecting the appropriate kind of fur, using the right technique in cutting and sewing, paying scrupulous attention to the choice of details such as lining, hardware (buttons, zips, clips) and hand-sewn decorations that define a personal taste. With masterly skill we combine fur with other natural materials such as leather, silk, lace to arrive at an original result. For this purpose, we use our 100 years old long craftsmanship but also exploit every new technology, reconciling tradition with innovation.

As we produce our items in our own workshop we are in a position to inspect every step of the creation process, ensuring the outmost quality of each and every product. By tailoring our fur garments in our own workshop under constant supervision we keep the production costs at the lowest level. As a result, we offer the best possible prices without any concessions to quality, craftsmanship, attention to detail.

Thus, each fur garment has its own special characteristics and every item in our collection is unique. We only repeat a design upon the specific demand of a client.

Our aim is the satisfaction of our clients that would guarantee their return for future purchases and their recommendations to others.

This is vital, as up until now Toutountzis Furs relied on clientele solely from word of mouth.

Our long time experience in the fur business allows us to distinguish among the best fur providers concerning quality, origin and price. This has given our garments the durability a fur garment is known to have; likewise our longevity can give you the reassurance about the quality of your garment. Furthermore, Toutountzis Furs always provides for after-sales assistance (restyling, repairs, cleaning & storage) should the need occur. Our goal is to the offer the opportunity of a long-term investment in style, duration and quality.