Importance of a Branded Fur House

Fur is a natural material known for its warmth and comfort. As a natural material it allows the body to breathe whereas modern techniques have made fur more lightweight than ever before. Furthermore, innovative techniques like plucking, laser cutting, knitting present women with an immense versatility so that their fur garment can accompany them with their jeans as well as their evening gown. Fur is known for its longevity and with proper care can last for years and it can be restyled into a new design following fashion trends; a thing no other material can do. Fur is an environmentally friendly product as is derives from strictly regulated natural resources and no endangered species are threatened; it can be recycled and it is completely biodegradable.

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Nevertheless, fur is a complicated material requiring in-depth knowledge when it comes to styles, types and techniques. Let it be noted that no fur lasts forever.

There are different kinds of fur; for instance there is rabbit, lamb, fox, mink, sable, and chinchilla. Each one is divided into further subcategories; for example lamb may be Karakul, Mongolian, Persian, Shearling and more. Every kind has its own characteristics in appearance and varies in durability.

There are also differences in the techniques used. The two most important are “letting out” (images above) and “skin-on-skin” (images below). In the former, pelts are cut into long, narrow, diagonal strips on the leather side of the pelt, in a series of V-shapes and sewed back together with only a few millimeters between each stitch, to make the pelt longer and narrower. This meticulous technique allows the implementation of more complicated designs. In the latter, pelts are sewn together one on top of the other.

Further, as fur is a natural material no two pelts can be identical. Steps of manufacturing embrace these differences: assortment (matching of color, hair etc.), cutting and sewing, other materials used (leather, cashmere, lace), lining and accessories (buttons, zips, clips), finishing touches (steaming and glazing) and above all design. All these factors play a role in the final price, even the smallest details. Therefore, one must opt for a brand one trusts.

When a client buys fur it is important to buy the best quality of a specific kind and above all to be assured that the pelts are fresh. No client can discern those characteristics on his/her own. Typically the pelts should be glossy and well matched and the fur should feel soft and be supple. The fur garment should be well sewn; so the seams should be sewn tightly and the garment should be light, uniformly embracing the body when worn.

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Hence favoring a well-established fur house becomes essential. Toutountzis Furs have been present in the world of fur fashion continuously for over a century. Up until now our clientele was based on word of mouth recommendations; we have seen daughters and granddaughters of the same families adding to our list of clients.

Feel free to ask us any question, browse our site or book an appointment ; we answer every enquiry or request based on our vast experience.

We always aim at the best quality and dexterity of craftsmanship integrating tradition with innovation. We endeavor to meet the needs of the 21st century woman by continually innovating and we invite our clients to seek garments which are trendiest, lightest and most practical from our unique collection.