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Cleaning & Storage

With more than a hundred years of ongoing presence, our firm continues to offer our clients the best possible after-sales care, including cleaning and storage to extend the life, look and feel of your fur for many seasons.


A fur garment needs to be cleaned regularly after every season in order to preserve its smoothness, brightness and fluffiness of its hair. This cleaning can only be undertaken by professionals. Our long experience allows us to use the best methods in the trade.


During spring and summer, heat, humidity and moths could harm your fur garment. If you feel uncomfortable storing it at home, we offer the best professional solution for safe storing.

Advice for home care

Simple advice for home care:

After wearing your fur garment be sure to place it on an appropriate broad shoulder hanger because the pelt is elastic and it can easily deform and crease (faux-plis).

Never spray perfume directly on your fur or bring it in touch with make up as it will stain, dry the garment and retain the smell.
If your fur gets wet by rain or snow, shake off the excess water and let it dry naturally on a hanger.

Keep it away from any source of heat as this could dry out or even burn the pelts.
Never cover or wrap your fur in plastic: the pelts need to breathe naturally.

Make sure that the chain of your handbag does not rub continuously against the same part of your fur garment as it could wear it out.

Advice for home storage

Simple advice for home storage:
Find a cool, dry and dark corner in your wardrobe.
Place your fur in a cotton bag so that it can breathe- (if you do not have one we can provide one for you).
Place a moth repellent on the floor of the cabinet- without letting it coming in touch with the fur.
Make sure to air it from time to time.