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If you do not agree to be bound by the following Terms and Conditions you may not access the Site and/or use the services provided by Toutountzis Furs through the Site.

Toutountzis Furs reserves the right to modify the Terms and Conditions at its discretion at any time by changing them online on the Site, although no such change will affect any order you have already placed, unless it is required by law. For this reason, the Visitor before accessing the Site and using the services provided by Toutountzis Furs should verify regularly the Terms and Conditions for possible amendments.

If you do not agree with these Terms and Conditions or with any changes made to them and do not wish to be bound by them, then you must immediately stop accessing or using the Site. By continuing to access or use the Site, it is deduced that the Visitor unconditionally accepts the Terms and Conditions and its amendments and that he/she is bound by these Terms and Conditions and the documents referred within them.

Toutountzis Furs provides women’s outwear, coats, scarfs and fur products (Products). With this Site, Toutountzis Furs, offers information about its services and its products, displays some of its products and at the same time runs a retail e-shop of its products.

References to Toutountzis Furs are to Toutountzis Furs sole proprietorship company Toutountzis Furs, seated in Athens (46 Zacharitsa st, Athens 117 41).

Toutountzis Furs, wishing that every Visitor to this Site has a secure, pleasant visit has established the following Terms and Conditions.

Please read carefully the current Terms and Conditions. By using our Site you accept these Terms and Conditions and agree to be bound by them and the documents referred within them. Your purchase of any of the Products offered on the Site is also subject to these Terms and Conditions, thus you should read these Terms and Conditions carefully as they contain important information about your order. Placing an order for any Product also means that you accept these Terms and Conditions and agree to be bound by them and the documents referred within them.

Use of your personal information submitted to or via the Site are governed by our Privacy Policy and Cookies Policy.

The Site is provided solely for your personal use. You may not use the Site for any commercial, business or re-sale purposes.

You must be 18 years old or over to purchase Products from the Site.

1. Order Process and Purchase

For Visitors located within the EU

1.1 The purchase of a Product through this Site is governed by the current Terms and Conditions.

1.2 You can place an order online through the Site. By clicking the “add to bag” button next to each product the Customer can select the desired product(s) and when finished shopping, by clicking on the “proceed to checkout” button a summary page will appear displaying his/her ordered products and a form requiring his/her billing information.  By completing the form with his/her billing details the Visitor is requested to provide the necessary information for the completion of the order, the payment and the receipt, the issuing of an invoice, the shipping and delivery of the Product. The Customer warrants and guarantees that the personal and payment information provided with the order is true, accurate, complete and current. By placing an order you confirm that you are the person indicated in the message form.

1.3 Should the personal or payment information change after the completion of payment, the Customer is responsible to inform Toutountzis Furs by Contacting Us.

1.4 When an order is placed, a Customer can change the information he/she provides up to the point when he/she clicks on the ‘Place order’ button at the Checkout page. A summary of your order will appear on your screen displaying your billing information, delivery costs (if any) and your order details. Please confirm that the information displayed, (name, address ,payment details, product(s)) accurately represents your selection. Once submitted, Toutountzis Furs will start to process your order.


1.5 When you place an order (i.e. when you click on the ‘place order’ button) we will send an email to you to acknowledge that we have received your order and a summary of your order. Please note that this does not mean that your order has been accepted or confirmed by us. However, you acknowledge that by accepting full payment of the Product you enter into an obligation to pay for the Product and the delivery costs (if any). In other words, you will be required, to pay in full –including delivery costs- for your order to be processed for shipment. Toutountzis Furs will await full payment at this stage.


1.6 Your order will be accepted by Toutountzis Furs, after confirmation of your billing details and full payment of the Order – product price plus delivery costs (if any). Once your order details are confirmed and full payment has been received, your item will be carefully prepared and dispatched within 2 business days, at which point you will receive a Confirmation of Order Email. The Confirmation of Order Email will contain all the order information, the shipping details of your order and a tracking number. Follow the link in the email to check the estimated arrival of your order.


1.7 The order will be considered concluded after full payment of the Product selected by the Customer, either to a bank account indicated by Toutountzis Furs or by PayPal. The information for the Order provided to the Customer up until the completion of the Order, aims to assist in the transaction and does not in any way denote acceptance or confirmation of the Order.


1.8 With the full payment and completion of the Order, and only after the Customer receives the Confirmation of Order Email, a legally binding contract will be concluded between Toutountzis Furs and the Customer. After the contract has entered into force, Toutountzis Furs will be legally required to supply the Customer with the Product that is in conformity with the contract. After acceptance of your order, the product will be dispatched and delivered at the latest within 30 days after the date on which the Confirmation of Order Email has been sent, depending on the location. Where we are unable to deliver your order within this period, we reserve the right to cancel your order.


1.9 Toutountzis Furs may not accept the order and not proceed to a Confirmation of Order Email. This could occur for any reason in its sole discretion but will typically occur in the following circumstances:

  1. The Product is not available
  2. Unsuccessful payment by the Visitor

iii. There has been an error by Toutountzis Furs on the pricing or description of the Product.

  1. Customer doesn’t meet our eligibility to order criteria

In the cases above, Toutountzis Furs will be sending to the Customer an email, informing him/her that one or more of these circumstances have occurred and consequently we cannot proceed with his/her order.

1.10 All the orders are accepted on the condition that the Customer provides true and accurate contact information as well as dispatch and delivery information. If Tountountzis Furs is not able to contact the Customer and/or the dispatch and delivery information that was given turns out to be inaccurate or untrue, the order will not be accepted or it will be cancelled by Toutountzis Furs without penalty.

1.11 Toutountzis Furs reserves the right to restrict many Products or multiples quantities of a Product to be delivered to any one customer or postal address.

1.12 Toutountzis Furs will store a record of your transactions for a minimum of one year.

1.14 Orders cannot be delivered to hotels,PO Box or similar addresses.


For Visitors located outside the EU

Prices on the Site are inclusive of VAT. VAT will be deducted (where applicable) from Products that are to be dispatched to non-EU countries. The deduction will be made before payment is collected.

Non-EU orders may be subject to local taxes, import duties or other local requirements. Customer is responsible for custom clearance and the payment of import duties of the Product. Please contact your local customs for further information before placing an order. In the event of a refund, customer will also be responsible for reclaiming duty fees directly from your local customs office, if import duties were not included in the purchase price.

Toutountzis Furs provides delivery options for most destinations around the world. As delivery time, is the time estimated from Athens, Greece to the nearest customs office to the delivery address. If no problems arise at the Customs Office, your order will be delivered at the designated address at the order form.  However, as delivery costs may differ for various destinations within the same country, please Contact Us for further information before placing your order.

Toutountzis Furs dispatches the Product for which a successful order has been placed and delivers it at the latest within 30 days after the date on which the Confirmation of Order Email has been sent, provided that the destination in located within the EU. For countries outside the EU, delivery time could take longer than this.

If we are unable to obtain the relevant documentation required for the delivery at your country, we may need to cancel your order.

2. Payment Methods

2.1 Toutountzis Furs only accepts payment in euro.

2.1 Toutountzis Furs only accepts payment in euro.

2.2 Toutountzis Furs accepts payment by PayPal or to a bank account that will be indicated to the Visitor. You will find additional Terms and Conditions for PayPal payment at www.paypal.com.

2.3 Toutountzis Furs will not be liable for any expenses or fees that the Visitor is charged with from his/her bank or any other system of money transfer.

2.4 If you choose to pay for a Product with a foreign currency other than the euro, the amount due will be calculated in euros at the conversion rate applied by the relevant payment scheme at the time of processing your order. Toutountzis Furs will not be liable for any expenses or fees that the Visitor is charged with due to the conversion of the currency.

2.5 Toutountzis Furs will not be liable to the Visitor for any losses caused as a result for any unauthorised access to the personal and transactional information he/she provides to us when placing an order.

2.6 Toutountzis Furs cannot guarantee the security of data which is sent by email. Therefore, please do not send us payment information by email. For details of the security measures we use please read our Privacy Policy.

2.7 Please note that for online orders through the Site, Toutountzis Furs does not accept cash, cheques, over the phone payments or any other means of payment.

2.8 For more information regarding payment methods or if you have any further payment queries, please contact your bank or PayPal.

2.9 To help secure that your shopping experience is safe and secure Toutountzis Furs uses Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology. 

3. Pricing Policy

3.1 All the prices shown on the Site are inclusive of VAT.

3.2 Prices include VAT but exclude delivery costs, which will be made known to the Visitor before the completion of the Order and will be paid by the Visitor. Toutountzis Furs will inform theVisitor of the shipping costs in the order summary before he/she confirms his/hers order. For the order to be completed, the Visitor must pay in full the total amount, that being the price of the Product plus the delivery costs. It should be noted that Toutountzis Furs insures each Product during the time it is in transit and up until it is delivered to the specified delivery address. For security reasons, all Toutountzis Furs online purchases will require a signature upon delivery, at which point responsibility for the purchased goods passes to the Customer. If the Customer is not the receiver of the purchase then the person who signs for the package confirms receipt and is accountable for the package.If the Customer is unavailiable  when the package arrives, a re-delivery slip will be left for him/her.

3.3 Products and offers may be withdrawn and prices and costs of delivery may change at any time. These changes do not affect transactions for which an agreement has been made after an order has been completed and a Confirmation of Order Email has been sent.

3.4 Toutountzis Furs tries to ensure that all pricing displayed is correct and accurate. However, errors may sometimes occur. If Toutountzis Furs discovers an error in the price of a Product you have ordered, we will contact you as soon as possible via email. The Visitor has the option to reconfirm the order at the correct price. Failure to do so will indicate cancellation of the order.

3.5 Toutountzis Furs aims to ensure that all Products offered on the Site are available at the same price as in the Toutountzis Furs Store. However, from time to time, Toutountzis Furs may offer gifts or additional discounts for purchases in the Store that do not apply on the Site and vice versa.

4. Products Availability

4.1 Toutountzis Furs displays items on the Site that have been carefully selected for online shopping. All orders are subject, inter alia, to availability of the Product.

4.2 Once a Product is sold out, it will be taken off the Site or a Customer may be informed that it is no longer available when he/she clicks on the ‘Submit’ button at the corresponding Product page. If a Product is sold out it may be not be available again.

4.3 In case a Product you ordered is out of stock and the Site has not been updated subject to a delay, Toutountzis Furs will inform the Customer via the email address that was provided when the order was placed. The Visitor may consent in a delay at the delivery time of the Product until that becomes available again. Alternatively, the Visitor can repeat the order process for another product and if the replacement Product has a higher price, he/she is liable to pay the difference in price or he/she may cancel his/her order.

5. Product Information/ Cancellation of Order & Returns/ Exchanges

5.1 The Customre acknowledges that through the Site he/she concludes distant online transactions for ordering and purchasing Products, without the possibility to try them on in a physical manner.

5.2 Toutountzis Furs makes every possible effort to ensure a complete and accurate Product display and description on the Site in order to have for each Product images, photographs and descriptions that depict at the highest possible degree of precision the real properties of the Product. Toutountzis Furs has taken reasonable care to assure that the descriptions and photographic representations are accurate and up to date. However, the Customer acknowledges that the actual colours that appear on a screen depend on the monitor used and, as such, he/she may not see on his/her screen the actual colours of the Product and that these may vary depending on the monitor used. Therefore, Toutountzis Furs is unable to guarantee that the Product images constitute precise representations of the Products purchased.

5.3 Given that, the information and description of the Products is included as a guide for the Visitor but also the particularity of clothing products that often require customization, the Visitor is advised to contact Toutountzis Furs prior to placing an order if he/she has doubts or requires clarifications regarding the size, the colour, the texture, the design and in general any property of the Product.  


5.4 Returns Policy

5.4.1 The Visitor has the right to cancel his/her contract with Toutountzis Furs and he/she can exercise this legal right to cancel his/her purchase of the Product, at any time, without any explanations, before the order is delivered and up to 14 calendar days afterwards beginning from the date he/she receives his/her order. As date of delivery of the returned Product we consider the date mentioned on the postal delivery receipt, so that the cancellation takes place within the time limit prescribed. The Customer can exercise his/her right to cancel the order by sending to Toutountzis Furs a notification via email stating his/her wish to cancel, order number, full name, geographical address, details of the Product cancelled, phone number and email address. Returns or exchanges received after 14 days of delivery will not be accepted. Original shipping charges will not be refunded.


5.4.2 Ownership of the Product ordered passes to the Customer upon delivery. Therefore, prior to returning the Product(s), you have a legal obligation to take reasonable care of it/them, preserve them while they are in your possession and to return them in the condition in which you receive them. Any Product(s) should be returned in their original and unused condition, undamaged, with their original tags and labels and their original packaging. Where provided belts and any other packaging, such as dust bags, should be included with your return. In case the Product has been used or decreased in value Toutountzis Furs has a right to demand partial or full compensation.  If labels and/or garment tags are removed the Product will be considered used. If Toutountzis Furs deems-in its discretion- that a Product has decreased in value due to the way it has been handled, it may deduct from the refund an amount corresponding to the diminished value of the Product up to the full price of the Product.

5.4.3 If the Customer exercises his/her right to return his/her Product, he/she is required to return the Product he/she purchased in its original and unused condition in which the Product was received, within 14 calendar days from the day he/she received the Product.

5.4.4 In case a Customer exercises his/her right to cancel the order Toutountzis Furs will refund the price of the Product in full (subject to any deduction we are entitled to make due to use or damage caused to the Product). The refund will be returned to the Visitor using the same method that was originally used to pay for the purchase and within 14 calendar days from the day Toutountzis Furs receives notification from the Visitor regarding cancellation of the order. Toutountzis Furs has the right to retain the sum of the refund until we receive the Product. The following rights to exchange a Product or any other provisions included in these Terms and Conditions do not limit the right of the Customer to cancel his/her order.

5.4.5 The delivery costs of returning the Product to Toutountzis Furs will be taken on by the Visitor. Toutountzis Furs strongly recommends that you insure the return Product, as you have a legal obligation to take reasonable care of it and you will be liable for any damage to it. Furthermore, Toutountzis Furs recommends that you maintain the postal sending receipt in order to have proof in case of dispute.

5.5 Exchanges

Exchanging the Product for an alternative one can only be effectuated after an explicit agreement of the Customer with Toutountzis Furs, following a request of the Customer regarding the issue and always depending on availability. The Customer acknowledges that the Product he/she requests as an exchange may have a higher price than the initial Product and that he/she is liable to pay the difference in price.

5.6 In case of cancelation or in case of a request for an exchange due to inaccurate assessment of the Customer or for reasons that Toutountzis Furs is not responsible for, the Visitor will bear the delivery costs.


5.7 Faulty Goods

5.7.1 When a Visitor receives a Product from Toutountzis Furs it must be of a satisfactory quality, as it was described and fit for its purpose. Products are considered faulty if they are received damaged or if a manufacturing fault occurs within six months of purchase. If your Products are faulty, depending on the circumstances, you may be entitled to a refund, a repair and/or an exchange. If a Visitor believes that a Product was delivered damaged or faulty you should inform Toutountzis Furs, as soon as possible, via email, giving your name, your address, your phone number and order number. Items that are damaged as a result of normal tear and wear or due to improper handling caused by not following the instructions provided are not considered to be faulty.




6. Terms of use of the Site

6.1 The Site and its services is provided solely for your personal use and under no circumstances you are to use the Site or its contents for commercial purposes. Therefore, it is explicitly prohibited to copy, reproduce or resale any part of the content (information, descriptions, software, services etc.) that is available on the Site with the intention to be used in a commercial or any other competitive activity.

6.2 In order to complete an order and ensure a purchase, a Visitor must state true and accurate information, as well as a correct email address.

6.3 Toutountzis Furs takes all the necessary precautions to protect the Site from malware or from any other technical issues. However, Toutountzis Furs cannot and does not guarantee that the content of the Site, any of the functions of the Site and the server will operate without interruptions or delay, will be error-free, free from viruses, malware or bugs and compatible with any other software or material. It is suggested to the Visitor to use appropriate IT security software/systems (antivirus and other security software installed) when surfing the internet in order to satisfy his/her particular requirements as to the safety and reliability of content.

6.4 You are not allowed to use the Site for unlawful purposes, you must not use, communicate, transmit through or to the Site any illegal, defamatory, threatening, obscene, distressing, harmful or pornographic material or material which infringes intellectual property rights,  rights of privacy, rights of confidentiality, personal data or in general the rights of any natural or legal person.

6.5 The Site, from time to time, may include links to external sites as well as publicity banners. Toutountzis Furs and the Site have no control over and cannot interfere in regards to the content, the quality, the services and the availability of these external links and banners. The Visitor explicitly acknowledges and agrees that Toutountzis Furs will not be responsible for the availability of such Third Party Sites and will not be responsible or liable for any content or services available in such Third Party Sites. The Visitor is advised to check the privacy statements and terms and conditions of use of Third Party Sites as Toutountzis Furs is not responsible for those policies applied by Third Party Sites. If you are interested to be advertised on our Site please Contact us.

6.6 Toutountzis Furs may change, correct or update the format and content of the Site (including Product information) from time to time without notice. We may even discontinue the Site at any time.

6.7 Toutountzis Furs does not guarantee the continuation, accuracy, completeness, currency, correctness, reliability, integrity, quality, fitness for purpose or originality of any content of the Site and to the fullest extent permitted by law, all implied warranties, conditions or other terms of any kind are hereby excluded and we accept no liability for any loss or damage of any kind incurred as a result of you or anyone else using the Site or relying on any of its Content.

7. Intellectual Property Rights

7.1 All the pieces/elements of the content of the pages of the Site including text, photographs and other images, graphics, buttons images, logos, software, services and any other type of file is intellectual and/or industrial/ commercial property of Toutountzis Furs and is governed and protected by the EU, national and international laws of Intellectual and/or Industrial/commercial Property regarding copyright, trademark, database rights and other intellectual property rights, excluding the explicitly recognized legal rights of any third natural or legal person. Toutountzis Furs exclusively maintains the ownership of all the rights, titles and interests of the Site (including the domain name, the source code etc.).

7.2 It is strictly prohibited to reutilise the material of the Site or any part of the contents of the Site, to partially or fully copy, store, download, distribute, modify, send or broadcast in any form (print or electronic) the material of the Site or any part of the contents of the Site, without the prior consent of Toutountzis Furs.

8. Liability and Indemnity

8.1 Toutounztis Furs will be responsible for the existent flaws in the Products sold and the lack of a denominated property according to article 534 and subsequent articles of the Civil Code. Toutountzis Furs is responsible only for damages that the Visitor may suffer due to Toutoutzis Furs fault or negligence stemming from or caused by the contractual obligations of Toutountzis Furs following the successful completion of the order (completed with the receipt of the Verification of Order Email) and the successful completion of the transaction upon delivery of the package.  To the extent permitted by the legislation in force, Toutountzis Furs and its employees, agents or representatives will not be liable for any direct or indirect subsequent damage or loss, any loss of profit, any ambiguity regarding information, any injury, death, any impairment of personal property, damage to software or hardware, loss of data, or any other detriment, any  charges the Visitor suffered, payed or caused in relation with his/her use of the Site and its order and purchase services or due to errors, violations, light or heavy negligence, omissions, false statements or liability in tort/delict or any responsibility towards a third party, nor will they be liable for incidents of ‘force majeure’ or other incidents beyond their control.

8.2 The Visitor is liable to restore and pay immediately on demand any damages, claims, costs, expenses, including reasonable legal fees to Toutountzis Furs, its representatives, agents, employees stemming from or caused by the breach of these Terms and Conditions.

8.3 Toutountzis Furs may terminate your use of the Site if we consider, at its sole discretion and in reasonable terms, that you have breached these Terms and Conditions.

9. Privacy Policy

The privacy policy to protect the personal information provided to Toutountzis Furs by the Visitor is an integral part of Terms and Conditions: Privacy Policy

10. Cookies Policy

The cookies policy is an integral part of Terms and Conditions: Cookies Policy

11. Underage Users

For a Visitor to make use of the order and purchase services of the Site he/she must be 18 years old or over. Toutountzis Furs cannot be liable for the unauthorised use of the Site by minors.

12. Jurisdiction

12.1 These Terms and Conditions and the services provided through this Site are governed by the Greek law and will always be interpreted according to it. By placing an order online the Visitor agrees to be bound from then after by these terms.

12.2 The competent courts to resolve any issues connected with or stemming from the present Terms and Conditions including interim measures proceedings, are the Greek Courts of Athens.

13. Termination

These Terms and Conditions are binding even if the contract is terminated by one of the Contracting Parties. Toutountzis Furs is bound to comply with the legislation in force and reserves the right to suspend or deny, at its sole discretion and in reasonable terms, the access to all or part of its Site with or without warning. The Visitor agrees that any termination to his/her access to the Site can occur without prior warning and acknowledges that Toutountzis Furs can deactivate or delete the subscription and all relevant information and files in connection to the subscription and to block any further access to these kind of files or the Site.  Further, the Visitor agrees that Toutountzis Furs is not exposed to any receivables or demands of compensation to him/her or any third party for any termination of access to the Site.

14. General

14.1 The services provided through this Site are provided through the sole proprietorship company Toutountzis Furs, based in Athens (46 Zacharitsa st, Athens 117 41).

14.2 The original Greek document of these Terms and Conditions can be translated in other languages. The translation only aims to facilitate and therefore no rights arise from the translated document. In case of dispute regarding the translation or the interpretation of these terms and conditions or in case of discrepancy or difference between the Greek version and any other translated version of these Terms and Conditions, the Greek version is in force, prevails and is considered to be definitive.

14.3 Any communication between Toutountzis Furs and the Visitor regarding issues stemming from the use of the Site and the application of these Terms and Conditions will be effectuated by sending an email to the address info@toutountzisfurs.com for Toutountzis Furs and for the Visitor to the email address he/she provided during the completion of the message form.

14.4 If Toutountzis Furs omits any of its rights that shall not result in a waiver of that right, or loss of that right or the ability to exercise it.

14.5 If any of these Terms and Conditions is found to be invalid, all other provisions shall remain valid and unaffected.

14.6 Toutountzis Furs will not be responsible to the Visitor for any delay or failure to comply with its obligations under these Terms and Conditions if the delay or failure arises from any cause beyond its reasonable control.

14.7 These Terms and Conditions and any document explicitly referred to it in them represent the entire agreement between Toutountzis Furs and the Visitor.

14.8 For more information, to file a complaint and for any service required before and after a purchase, the Visitor can Contact Us.